Dear Birthmother,

First,we want to offer to you our respect and deep appreciation. We hope you are feeling well physically and emotionally as you read this letter. Secondly, we share our gratitude to you in taking the time to read and review a snapshot of our life together; a life that we welcome you into and hope you choose to participate in. We are confident that you know what is best for both you and your child and hope to assure you that we are ready and eager to welcome a child into our loving, nurturing, laugh out loud, silly family.

We can only try to understand the decision that is before you and promise to keep you in our prayers as you come to the best decision for you and your child. Thank you for getting to know us a little better. We hope that in getting to know us a little, you may find greater peace and confidence in your decision to allow us to continue the gift of a providing a loving, safe, nurturing and fun life for your child.

Pam and Casey

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