Dear Birth Mother,

After being around our niece, we started to think about starting a family of our own. Both of us had always wanted to be parents. We love playing with the many children in our lives and taking them on many outings to the Zoo, circus, and playgrounds. Unfortunately, God has not yet blessed us with a child due to some fertility issues.

When we first got married, we had both discussed the possibility that since we were slightly older, it might be harder for us to get pregnant and knew in our hearts that adoption was the journey we would follow. We know that there are so many children out there that we could provide a loving home to and we wanted to do that.

We can provide for your child in so many ways but most importantly by offering the care and security of a loving family. It would be our honor to raise your child and we promise that we would provide a supportive home for your child to reach their full potential. We would be there for them in the good times and guide them through the difficult times.

Tim and Maria

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