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Dear Birthmother,

We are Tony & Emily from beautiful North Carolina. We are wishing you peace and comfort as you explore your options for your child’s and your future.

We were on cloud nine when we adopted Penelope 4 years ago and since then our family has been our priority. We deeply love and cherish her birthparents and are grateful for them every day.

Another child would be a tremendous blessing in all of our lives. We are devoted parents and will give our children the love, security, emotional support & opportunities they will need for a lifetime.

Emily and Tony

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Cindy is your advisor.

Cindy, Adoption Case Manager at Acadia Adoption Center, will discuss your unique situation with you – in confidence and without judgement. She'll help you work through the many conflicting feelings you’re having and discuss your options. Together, you’ll craft a plan that is best for you and your baby.

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