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What do I do first?

Contact us. We will speak with you and outline steps to begin the adoption process. Everything we discuss is private. We will help you decide if adoption is the right choice for you and your baby.

Where are you located?

Acadia Adoption Center is a Licensed Adoption Agency that works with expectant parents from all over the United States, and our office is located in the beautiful state of Maine. We work with a network of social workers, lawyers, hospitals, and other professionals all over the country who help facilitate the entire adoption process.

Does anyone have to know about my pregnancy?

Only if you choose to tell them. Any information that you share with us is kept completely confidential.

What about the birth father?

The birth father can be as involved in the adoption process as you would like him to be. An attorney will be provided – at no cost to you – to discuss his rights and options.

I’m worried about money. Can you help?

Yes, we can offer financial support and help towards some of your pregnancy-related living expenses such as rent, food, transportation, and maternity clothing, if needed.

When can I speak to someone at your office?

You can contact us any time – day or evening.

Can I get counseling?

Yes, you will have access to counseling at no cost to you. We will work with you during the entire process of your adoption plan, to guide and support you with all of your questions and expectations..

What if I need to move?

If your current living situation is not working out for you, we can assist you when you relocate with rent, utilities, and travel costs.

Can I choose my adoptive parents?

Yes! You choose the family that fits the hopes and dreams you imagine for your child. Adoption has changed in so many amazing ways. Your child will know about you and the sacrifices you made in choosing adoption. You will have updates and pictures for the next 18 years, if and when you choose.

What happens after I have chosen my family?

Once you are matched with a family, you can continue to keep in touch with our office and with the adopting parents if you want to. Your case manager will also be available to help you with your adoption plan. It’s important that you feel well and strong, so you’ll take care of yourself by seeing your doctor regularly. As your delivery date approaches, you’ll meet with an attorney or social worker to go over the paperwork you will sign when the baby is born.

What happens at the hospital?

When you go into labor, you will call your case manager and your adoptive family. Your adoptive family will come to the hospital to meet you. If you need a ride to the hospital, we can make prior arrangements for you. After the baby is born, you will most likely remain in the hospital for 12-24 hours. The hospital social worker will meet with you to sign the birth certificate and any hospital forms. If you don’t have a ride home, we’ll arrange it. The baby will go home with the adopting parents right from the hospital.

KW's Journey

Most people bash me about giving my son up for adoption, but no one knows my story. I was date raped last year on POF. POF is a dating app to meet single people online and I met a guy who pretended to be someone else; however, I ended up pregnant and my family tried to convince me to abort the child, but my heart would not allow me to murder an innocent child.